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Historical trace of Georgia in the monastery of bir El-Kut near Jerusalem!  RSS 2.0

Historical trace of Georgia in the monastery of bir El-Kut near Jerusalem!

A Georgian-Polish-Israeli research group will study Georgia's historical footprint at the bir El-Kut monastery near Jerusalem.

According to the cultural heritage protection Agency, the 5th-century Georgian monastery of bir El-Kut in Jerusalem is located near Bethlehem and was built around 444. The building is one of the main centers of Georgian culture abroad. In addition to Petre IBERI, John Lazi and other Georgian monks who visited Syria and Palestine lived in the territory of Birel-Kut. The monastery was one of the most important centers of Georgian culture outside the country. The ruins of the monastery were discovered by Italian archaeologist Virgilio corbo in 1952. It was then that the earliest Georgian inscriptions made in fide mozaiki (430 BC) were revealed, which are now kept in the Franciscan Museum.

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