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Georgian Airways Charter flight schedule for August 2020  RSS 2.0

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Georgian Airways Charter flight schedule for August 2020

We are gradually returning to a normal active life !!!
Georgian Airways Charter flight schedule for August 2020

  • August 1, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 2, Tbilisi-Vienna-Tbilisi
  • August 3, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 8, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 9, Tbilisi-Vienna-Tbilisi
  • August 10, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 15, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 17, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 22, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 23, Tbilisi-Vienna-Tbilisi
  • August 29, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi
  • August 31, Tbilisi-Amsterdam-Tbilisi

???? Also-the Riga-Tbilisi Flight will take place every Wednesday-August 5, 12 and 19.
Flight Tbilisi-Riga-every Thursday-August 6, 13, 20.
After August 20, the Riga-Tbilisi flight is scheduled for every Wednesday and Sunday, and Tbilisi-Riga – every Thursday and Monday.
Regular flights will be operated by Airbus a220 and A 300 aircraft.
From August 2, German Lufthansa will resume regular flights on the Munich-Tbilisi-Munich route, and from August 8, Air France will resume regular flights from Paris-Tbilisi-Paris.
Paris-Tbilisi, every Wednesday and Saturday
Tbilisi-Paris, every Thursday and Sunday!

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