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In Tskhaltubo cave explorers discovered a new cave gallery.  RSS 2.0

In Tskhaltubo cave explorers discovered a new cave gallery.

Unknown until that time, the gallery of up to 300 meters deep with lots of stalactites and stalagmites was discovered by the speleologists in the cave, Malori in Tskhaltubo district (Imereti region).
Georgian and Czech cavers took part in the expedition, — the Agency of protected areas of Georgia reports.
Research expedition conducts a study of two caves in the protected territories of Imereti – caves of Malory and Bheri.
Bheri cave is a cave with a length of 1,700 meters and an area of 14 thousand square meters. It was formed as a result of destruction cracked limestone layers of the river Berical

As for the caves of Malory, then in area, it is one of the largest caves in Georgia. The entrance is a funnel 8-10 meters deep, the edges are huge boulders. The cave has spacious halls, at the end of which at a depth of 15 meters is a gorge of canyons, where groundwater flows.

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