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Near darejani Palace in Tbilisi, discovered the wall of the ancient city.  RSS 2.0

Near darejani Palace in Tbilisi, discovered the wall of the ancient city.

During the restoration work on the territory of the Palace of Queen Darejan and the convent in the Avlabari district in Tbilisi, fragments of the wall of the settlement were found, according to the Tbilisi development Fund.
Palace Darejan "Sachino", which translated from Georgian means" prominent " - with an elegant circular balcony, towering on the top of the hill on the right hand of the rise of Avlabari — is a former Royal residence, one of the few surviving in Georgia.
The Palace was built in 1789 by order of the king of Kartli-Kakheti Heraclius II for his wife-Queen Darejan. On-site was erected the Palace for two churches dedicated to the Holy Erekle and Daria.
The Palace and the Church were partially destroyed during the Aga Mahmad Khan invasion in the late 18th century. After the expulsion of the Queen to St. Petersburg, in 1807, the Exarch in Georgia Theophylact opened a Sunday school and a Seminary at the Church. In 1824, a convent for the Transfiguration of the Lord was founded here, and since 1862-a parish school for children. In 2001, the altar of the Church was re-painted, and now there is a convent.

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