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Folk festival Didgoroba

Folk festival Didgoroba, symbolizing the importance of national unity, 12 August is traditionally celebrated in the region of Shida Kartli. This is reported by Public television of Georgia. Holiday Didgoroba celebrated in Georgia each year on 12 August. It is connected with the most famous battle in the history of the country: on this day in 1121 the Georgian king David Agmashenebeli in Didgori defeated the army of the Seljuk Turks. On the occasion of Degorski on the field will take place the concert with participation of folklore ensembles of local stars, representatives of traditional martial arts and actors. The organizers promise to recreate the era of the reign of David Agmashenebeli. Viewers will see the rooms with the elements of combat and combat. There will also be an exhibition and sale nearby, where folk art items and stands with traditional clothes will be presented. In the same space you can taste traditional Georgian cuisine. Source: News-Georgia.

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