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Cheese tenili

Cheese tenali is one of the most delicious Georgian cheese produced in Samtskhe-Javakheti. This variety is even included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. The technology of manufacture and storage is unique. The old recipe is preserved in remote villages and passed down from generation to generation . For the coagulation of milk is used of "drita" or "cveti" is the leaven prepared from the part of the salted and dried calf's stomach. The stomach is filled with whey and add rock salt. The leaven is ready in a few days. Cheese is made from skimmed milk and leave it for a day, just like the cream removed from it, which will come in handy later. Was thenile cannot be made from any milk, so you first prepare a trial cheese. If it stretches well — it means that the milk is good. The hot milk is poured a certain dose of yeast, and a small fire gradually, the milk is separated into cheese and whey. Then begins the process of "weaving" cheese. When cheese turns into thin strands, it is transferred from hot whey to cold water. Threads of cheese should not stick to each other. Then cheese put in salt water, and then hang on a wooden crossbar at night. The next day the cheese is cut, laid out on the table and left for a day or two. Absolutely dried cheese is coated with cream. At the end of the cheese stick or stuffed in a clay pot for ripening — that is why he is called "tenali" (zapihnut full). In a cold cellar, on a Board, pour a layer of ash, and on this Board put a pot of cheese neck down to the ash absorbed flowing cream. So the cheese Matures for 2 months. Cheese prepared in such a complex way was not a daily treat, the pot was opened only on major holidays: Easter, or Christmas, or wedding.

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