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ski resorts in Georgia

If you love winter sports and entertainment, now is the time to plan your trip to Georgia. Winters in the country are mild, the temperature rarely falls below -10° C, almost all the time the sun shines. There is almost no wind – the Caucasus reliably closes the interior from cyclones. There are 5 ski resorts in Georgia: Gudauri, Bakuriani, Goderdzi, Hatsvali and Tetnuldi. All of them are located in different parts of the country, which makes each unique and interesting in its own way. The most famous and crowded resorts are Gudauri and Bakuriani. The other three are quite young and are at the stage of improvement and popularization. As for prices, they are almost the same at all resorts, so where to go to rest is up to you. Gudauri has started to develop relatively recently, so everything is in accordance with modern requirements and new technologies. It is considered the most popular and the most youth of all ski resorts in Georgia. Bakuriani Is one of the oldest resorts in the entire Caucasus and the first ski resort in Georgia. During the Soviet era, Bakuriani hosted winter sports competitions, a sports base for the Olympic team, and sports schools. To date, everything has changed, updated and become modern, but several schools are still working and developing. Bakuriani is an ideal place for those who like a quiet ride or just want to get up on skis, as most of the trails are for Amateurs. The Tetnuldi ski resort opened in February 2016, so everything is just getting frustrated. While on the territory of no cafes and hotels, and most importantly queues on the cable car. But soon everything will be, the builders of the resort have a good project that should bring Tetnuldi to the European level. And as the pioneers say, soon the title of Gudauri "Mecca of freeride" will fairly pass to Tetnuldi. Hatsvali Can be said to be the elder brother of Tetnuldi, since Hatsvali is also located in the area of Svan towers and 8 kilometers from Mestia-the center of Svaneti. It was opened in 2011 and named after the mountain, at the foot of which is located the lower station and the track for beginners. The ski resort of Goderzdi is located just 100 kilometers from Batumi, so it will especially attract everyone who is nearby. Opened Goderdzi, as well as Tetnuldi, in 2016 and is also under development. Have a good rest! Установите приложение на смартфон и работайте офлайн +Установить Переводчик

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