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Princess Maria Prokofievna Eristova-Shervashidze

Maria prokofievna Eristova was born on October 17, 1895 in Batumi, Georgia. Her father, Prince Shervashidze, sat in The state Duma, and from a young age, Princess Mary lived in St. Petersburg. Thanks to her appearance and aristocratic manners, Mary became a lady-in-waiting to the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. At court, the girl was admired. After the revolution of 1917, Mary and her family had to leave for Tiflis. The Georgian capital became a real haven for the Russian intelligentsia of that time. She was the Muse of the artist Savely Sorin and the famous Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze. It is in Tbilisi that Savely Sorin creates his perhaps most famous painting-a portrait of Princess Mary. According to legend, many years later, the painting "settled" in the bedroom of Princess grace Kelly of Monaco. When she awoke, she first looked at the picture and then in the mirror, thus determining whether she looked good today. In 1915, Galaktion Tabidze created a poetic cycle dedicated to his beloved. One of the most iconic poems was the poem "Mary". Galaktion Tabidze met Mary in the Park. She passed without turning her head in his direction. And he fell in love and carried this love through his life. Mary herself did not read Galaktion's poems – the lady-in-waiting of the Empress Anna Fyodorovna did not know the Georgian language. And she loved a completely different man - her husband, Prince George Nikolaevich Eristavi. In the 21st year, Soviet troops entered Georgia, and Mary and her husband were forced to go further – to Constantinople. After that, the couple decided to move to Paris. There, for the first time, Mary was forced to go to work. For her, whose beauty was admired by half of Europe, princesses by blood, stars of fashionable salons - this was new. Fortunately, she meets Prince Dmitry Pavlovich, who once had an affair with Coco Chanel. He also "matches" the Princess of the great Mademoiselle as a model. Mary's clear profile, expressive eyes and noble posture quickly elevated her to the rank of the best models of the Chanel fashion house. But Mary wasn't just a model. Russian Russians invited her to soirees and literary gatherings, and she shone at the opening of the Russian Nicholas II Lyceum in Versailles and at the lighting of The Russian gymnasium. The most famous photographers of the beginning of the century considered it an honor to work with her. The beauty and refined manners of the Princess were the talk of all Paris. Despite her success as a fashion model, Mary saw working in this field as a humiliation. After the parquet of the Winter Palace, it seemed beneath her dignity to walk on the podium. Therefore, at the first opportunity, the Princess left the fashion world. And even after a while, she didn't like to think about her modeling experience. The life of the Princess after leaving the house of Chanel was quite sad. In ' 46, gutz's beloved husband dies. The faithful wife is very hard going through his departure. In the 60s, she voluntarily locks herself in a Nursing Home. However, very expensive. Here Mary had three rooms with lavish furnishings. Then, in the 60s, she gets an inheritance: a former fan decides to "give" her 50 thousand dollars. However, the gesture of a long-time admirer leaves the Georgian beauty indifferent: she continues to live alone in her boarding house until her death, without buying more wealth. Until the very last day, Princess Mary remained an icon of style. She had come into this world as she had left it: full of self-respect, with her head held high and her walk confident.

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