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Georgoan blue tablecloth

The festive " blue tablecloth "or" lurji supra " is one of the main symbols of the Georgian feast, and recently also an object of material cultural heritage of UNESCO. The tradition to cover the table with a blue tablecloth in Georgia originated in the XVIII century. Although, according to some experts, there are facts that testify to its earlier appearance. It was in almost every house in the country, rich and poor, regardless of status. Usually performed the role of ceremonial, festive-at Christmas, New year, Easter and weddings. The tablecloth was made of cotton fabric or linen dyed with natural Indigo dye and decorated with ornaments in the form of fish, Georgian bread, Cutlery. All drawings are symbolic. For example, deer and birds in Georgian mythology are associated with the tree of life, and fish is considered a symbol of Jesus Christ. In the old days, residents of Georgia believed that intricate ornaments on the tablecloth will bring good luck and prosperity to their home. In our days, the revival of this craft. According to ancient drawings, wooden seals are cut by hand, patterns are now applied to silk fabrics. Now this tablecloth is a great souvenir of Georgia. On any festive table it will look impressive and authentic

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