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Even prehistoric people noticed that every sweet juice of fruits, berries or other liquid left in reserve, acquire special properties-the ability to amuse a person, increase his strength, cause a pleasant feeling of light intoxication. The drink was called "wine “ - from the word” vis", which means strength. Ancient people believed that the juice of the fruit becomes intoxicating wine due to the fact that it settles a special spirit, which the Romans called Spiritus Vini. In the early 19th century, chemist Becher discovered that alcohol is formed during the fermentation of sugary substances, but the ancient definition of alcohol has survived until now.
By its nature, chemical composition and dietary properties of wine surprisingly suited to man, his physiology. Louis Pasteur said that wine is one of the most hygienic and healing drinks. Wine has a General positive bioenergetic and strengthening effect on the human body, helps to restore vitality in their decline (for example, the elderly), increases the tone and gives vigor. Generally speaking, the healing properties of wine-is a separate topic. There is a whole science about the use of grape wines for medicinal purposes – enotherapy. Of course, only absolutely natural, high-quality wine has healing properties. Counterfeits are not treated.
And in Georgia, natural wines are enough to cure everyone who comes to us !!!

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