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Cuckoo train in Georgia.

Ku-ku-ku-ku-kukushechka))) the only narrow-gauge railway in Georgia,only 38 km long, between Bakuriani and Borjomi, but the train overcomes it slowly in 2.5 hours-a time of contemplation of beautiful nature, the name of what we so lack in our time of the Internet and gadgets, the train goes so slowly that sometimes you can jump out on the move, run next to the trailer and jump into it without the risk of falling behind the train)). This narrow-gauge railway was built in the time of the Romanovs (construction began in 1897 and lasted 4 years),and still serves faithfully, only the composition of only two wagons pulls an electric locomotive, not a steam locomotive of the American company "porter", which was once brought specifically from England.The locomotive was joined by the cars of the open type, they were framed by only a railing. Since 1967, the small steam locomotive has been replaced by an electric locomotive. Now the first steam locomotive stands proudly on the pedestal of the Borjomi station, turning into a monument!!In people, the train Bakuriani-Borjomi lovingly prozvannyj Cuckoo.The scenic road also passes over the railway bridge on the Tsemistzhali river, which was designed by the French engineer Alexander Gustav Eiffel-the author of the famous Eiffel tower in Paris, but few people know about it!.The bridge was brought to Georgia in 1902 and the first "cuckoo" was launched at the same time. If you are going to rest in Bakuriani or Borjomi, do not deny yourself the pleasure of taking a ride on this train. Train schedule: Borjomi-Bakuriani: 07: 15-09: 40 Bakuriani-Borjomi: 10: 00-12: 23 Borjomi-Bakuriani: 10: 55-13: 21 Bakuriani-Borjomi: 14: 15-16: 32 The ticket price is only 2 Gel.

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