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Rezo Gabriadze In Tbilisi

" dream was fulfilled — I returned to painting and sculpture, and for good. I am grateful to fate, the dolls, and the small team that rustles in the dark corners of the old building." Rezo Gabriadze in Tbilisi in the Old city on Shavteli street there is a small puppet Theater. It was built in 1981 by Rezo Gabriadze-an artist, theater and film Director, writer and sculptor, author of more than 35 films, including "Mimino", "don't grieve", "kin-DZA-DZA", "Oddities", "Extraordinary exhibition", "Three on the road" and many others. As a Director, playwright, artist and sculptor, Rezo writes plays, creates dolls and animates them on the stage of his theater. For more than 30 years, the performances have visited many countries around the world and participated in major international theater festivals – in Avignon, Edinburgh, new York, Toronto, Belgrade, Charleston, Dresden, Moscow and other cities. The program of the Gabriadze theater includes four performances: "Autumn of my spring", "Stalingrad", "Ramona" and "the Diamond of the Marshal de Fantier". It is quite difficult to get to the theater,because there are only 80 seats in it,and there are too many people who want to get there. In 2010, Rezo Gabriadze built an amazing clock tower near his theater. Every hour a Golden-winged angel appears from its open doors and strikes the bell with a hammer. And twice a day, at 12: 00 and 19: 00 hours, you can witness a miniature performance in the tower, called " the Cycle of life. The tower was made and painted by Rezo Gabriadze. There is also a pomegranate tree growing on the roof. "When construction began, it was as if I was on a time machine in the X-XIII century, in distant and beautiful Byzantium. The tower had to fit seamlessly into the surrounding space and time. The table was littered with books about the architecture of Georgia, Byzantium, Italy, Russia... Books about the ornaments that Byzantium so generously left to the world, " said Gabriadze about the construction of the tower. Today, in any weather, numerous tourists and guests of Tbilisi gather at the tower to immerse themselves in the fairy tale created by the Master. The tower of the puppet theater has long been a landmark of Tbilisi ,its business card, designated in all guidebooks as a mandatory place to visit. And next to the theater there is a cafe " do not grieve!"The interior of the cafe is completely created by Rezo Gabriadze-paintings and posters on the walls, sculptures, ceramics, tables, chairs and even curtains on the Windows are made according to his sketches. At the entrance, guests are greeted by a bronze Chizhik-Pyzhik, the first copy of the St. Petersburg Chizhik from Fontanka. You can stroke it, they say it brings good luck. On the left, in the wall, is an Easter niche lined with colored ceramics. The bar is decorated with a ceramic panel with a composition based on the movie " don't Grieve!". Bottles of Georgian wines were lined up on the shelves, with labels drawn by Rezo. All the tables and chairs are hand-painted by Rezo with scenes and phrases from his films and performances - "kin-za-za", "Mimino", "Cranks", "the Diamond of the Marshal de Fantier". There is also a table for lovers in the shape of a heart. Looking at the cafe for a Cup of coffee, you may be lucky and you will meet Rezo Gabriadze himself, who is a frequent guest here, or rather a hospitable host!

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